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The Ioannis Coffee Tasting Experience

Think of sipping coffee as you evaluate fine wine. It is full of rich and complex flavors, and it takes time to understand and taste the fine notes.

When it comes to brewing that “perfect cup of coffee”, every little detail matters. From the actual coffee cherry and its terroir, the harvesting year, the roasting level, up to the brewing method you use, the grind size, the water and the temperature, everything matters. 

Whether you prefer to join our coffee tastings & classes or buy our single origin beans, our goal is to help you appreciate a truly excellent cup of coffee.

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What is a Coffee Recipe?

What many people don’t realize, is that coffee blends are actually recipes. Here’s the definition for our signature recipes:

Coffee Recipe [def]: a signature coffee blend designed by purposefully choosing coffee beans from different regions, roasting them on different levels to create a specific tasting profile.

At Ioannis Coffee Chef, we strategically create each of our signature blends as a recipe, in order to reveal the best character each bean. We spend countless hours refining our coffee bean combinations at different roasting levels until we create that unique tasting profile that you will love.

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How You Make the Coffee Impacts the Taste

If you’ve ever tried to replicate your grandmother’s famous chocolate cream pie, you’ll know that picking out a recipe is only the first step. How you execute that recipe makes all the difference in the end result.

The same is true with coffee. In order to bring out the best-tasting profile, it’s important to select the correct grind size, amount of water, water temperature, and extraction time to end up with that ideal cup of coffee. If you use a cold brew coffee method with a finely ground espresso roast, you’ll end up with a completely different taste, than what was intended.

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We Decode “Coffee Lingo” For You

Have you ever found yourself confused as to what size you need your coffee to be grinded or how to even start in the first place? We understand that. That is why, we are breaking down the coffee language for you so, and provide you with the key steps to achieve that best cup of coffee at home. 

Our coffee beans come with their recipe so that you know where and how to start with. Start by choosing among our single origins or coffee blends and continue with your preferred coffee type: Espresso, Drip, Decaf or Cold Brew. In the description you will find the roast level and notes you'll enjoy. We also list the recommended brewing methods on our website's description to set you up for success.

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Becoming Your Own Coffee Chef

Understanding and appreciating coffee is an ongoing journey! There are many ways to enrich your love for coffee, and we’re here to help you along the way.

We’re always posting new coffee brewing recipes, tasting tips, and fun facts! Check out our Instagram or sign up for our email list to stay in the loop.

If you are in the New York area / Tri-State Area, you can visit us in person for coffee tastings, barista trainings, and overall coffee lovers classes.

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