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Choose Coffee with a Heartbeat

We love the adventure of exploring new coffee origins, experimenting with different roasting and blending techniques, and creating signature recipes. With our education series, we want to share our love of experimentation with other people, educate them on how to prepare, respect, enjoy a better cup of coffee, and savor it together. 


A passion that turned into a purpose.

Ioannis Coffee Chef is a passion that turned into a purpose, when the company was founded in 2021, in New York, USA. For Ioannis, our founder, every day begins as a new coffee journey, in a mission to explore unique coffee beans, and create new coffee recipes, to offer through our product lines.  

We are a “farm to cup” company, sourcing the most ethical coffees and roasting every single bean ourselves to make sure that each coffee we bring to life will be delivered to you on the peak of its freshness. We love the adventure of exploring new coffee origins, experimenting with different roasting and blending techniques, and creating signature recipes. 

Our aspiration is to instill interest about coffee in people. To help people understand and value the full lifecycle of a coffee bean, and appreciate all the great work that it takes to create a good cup of coffee: from cultivating, harvesting, sourcing, roasting, and brewing, to serving. Ultimately to experience coffee with a heartbeat, which is our vision.

A one-stop shop for all things coffee

• Offering freshly roasted coffee beans from around the world, from single origins to unique coffee blends

• Educating consumers and hospitality personnel in the art of coffee making

• Creating unforgettable coffee tastings & events

•. Being the strategic consulting advisor for customers in the hospitality sector, guiding them through their journey toward elevating their own customers’ coffee experience.

Meet The Team

Ioannis Nikolaidis

Curious by his nature, Ioannis leads our quality control, roasting & trainings. As the founder, his vision is to educate people, explore different coffee regions and experiment with unique style coffees.

Bessy Rouva

Full time financial expert, part time upcoming coffee professional. Bessy leads the business & marketing strategy. She is also a tough judge of every product & beverage we bring into life.

Nick Rouvas

Nick has joined the team since it's early infancy, inspired by the vision to "create experiences over plans". Naturally, his main responsibilities are now in the areas of operations & product planning.

“We aspire to become the first coffee company to explore every coffee region in the world, bringing the most unique coffee beans into the people’s cup of coffee.”

- I O A N N I S


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