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Rwanda Lake Kivu
Agnes Pongracz

We love your coffee!

Fantastic Coffee

I buy ground - but it is as flavorful and aromatic as if I ground it myself... It is excellent coffee! On line shopping at the website is easy!

Awaken Cold Brew Recipe
Agnes Pongracz

I love it

Elevate Drip Coffee Blend

Best Cold Brew

We discovered Ioannis espresso coffee in a favorite restaurant. I tracked it down and ordered some for home. I saw that they had a cold brew and decided to try it. Both coffees are great and I highly recommend them. They are full bodied and smooth; not in the least bitter.

Smooth & Delicious

I usually like to drink Ethiopian naturals, but I wound up trying this Mexico Zongolica after getting it for my girlfriend. I wasn't expecting anything special, because I randomly found this on the internet and I usually buy off recommendation. Man, I was gobsmacked at how good this was. It was smooth and delicious, with notes of caramel and chestnut, and a slight juiciness. I would highly recommend this and will happily order again.

Very fun and informative!

I took this class with the hopes of learning what type of coffee and what flavor profile I like best and this taught me even more than just that! We tried several different coffees and two different brewing methods to learn more about the differences in flavor profiles. This class was an absolutely blast and Ioannis is a great teacher!

Amaze Decaf Blend
Michel Parente

My favorite decaf! Highly recommended!

East Timor - Leste
Richard Gaeta
Silky Smooth

Smooth silky clean coffee outstanding flavor even my 21 year noticed !

East Timor - Leste
Richarg Gaeta
Wife's message

My wife said it was the best coffee she's ever had!!


Ioannis and his team offer a wonderful coffee experience and we can't wait to work with them again!

Rich, smooth, and high-quality that worth the price

The beans are medium dark roast, with low acidity and rich, smooth flavor. I'm a coffee lover, and usually, I tend to choose dark roast beans. This is the first time I have tried medium dark roast. I was surprised by how precise the beans were roasted. It contributes a lot to the quality of the beans. Their taste is very accurate, with a well-balanced flavor. The coffee is less acid and has a fuller taste with a great aroma. This coffee is just excellent with the correct price tag.


Love the coffee. Super juicy and interesting

Rich, mellow, perfect start to morning

This is a phenomenal, special, but very approachable cup of coffee. Rich, even, with great tones throughout, this is simply a great cup of coffee with a flavor profile that makes you happy to be awake without having to be a coffee expert or do more than just follow instructions on how to make!

East Timor - Leste
Nathaniel Jewell
Amazing coffee

Delicious - great notes from the first grind through to the first cup

Ascend Espresso Blend Recipe
Nick Mastropasqua
One of the smoothest coffees ever

You won’t meet a better coffee expert! Ioannis roasts some of the smoothest coffees I’ve ever tasted. Coffee with a heartbeat, indeed! Get your bag, taste a cup, and smile from the warm experience:)

Best Coffee

One of the best coffees I’ve ever had! No bitterness, smooth and full bodied at the same time. Amazing!

Amaze Decaf Blend
Sarah Cole
The best Decaf

By far the best decaf coffee I’ve ever had! You wouldn’t know it’s decaf. Highly recommend.

Finally someone who knows how to roast excellent coffee!

I have been looking for a long time for the perfect beans. Do yourself a favor and try their Ascend Espresso Blend it’s my favorite. I came across their brand through a local coffee tasting event they held and now I am hooked! Their service is unbelievable and they always deliver a quality product.

East Timor - Leste
Dennis Mooney
Bravo, Coffee Chef!

The presentation of your product is excellent and the aroma, simply delicious... Enjoying my second cup of East Timor... Highly recommend it!

Smooth like wine!

There is no bitter taste like many of the big commercial brands.
I hily recommend it.

Rwanda Lake Kivu
Vasiliki R.

One of the most interesting and quality coffee chef ever.


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