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Introducing our Elevate Drip Coffee Blend Our new Signature coffee blend selection

Our partners’ success is our success

Our goal is to provide our partners with all the right tools to provide a coffee experience of the highest standards.

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Supply Services

We are a wholesale coffee beans supplier for coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, building apartments & offices across the USA. We offer:

• Wholesale coffee beans supply 

• Customized house blend creation 

• Personnel Coffee Training

• Coffee Equipment

• Technical support

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Optimize Your Coffee Business

We offer end to end services that take a holistic approach toward elevating the coffee experience at your business:

• Consulting services & Coffee Procurement

• Menu design

• Coffee pairing with your dessert and brunch menu

"Coffee is the first or the last impression of your customers’ experience; we want to ensure that it is a lasting one, and that it comes with a big smile and a pleasant aftertaste."

Ioannis Nikolaidis, Coffee Chef


Our partners’ success is our success.

Whether you are starting a new coffee business or seeking to elevate the coffee experience at your coffee shop, restaurant or hotel, we are here for you.

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