Watch: 4 Coffee Mistakes You're Making Right Now – Ioannis Coffee Chef
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Watch: 4 Coffee Mistakes You're Making Right Now (And how to fix them)

Watch 4 Coffee Mistakes

Here’s a recap of the Top 4 Mistakes:

Mistake 1: You’re buying pre-grinded coffee beans. 

How to fix: Grind your own coffee for the peak of freshness and the best of the aromas

Mistake 2: You’re waiting too long to serve your espresso

How to fix:  Serve your espresso ASAP, otherwise the crema will go away.

Mistake 3: You only call your coffee technician when your machine starts malfunctioning

How to fix: Maintenance of your coffee machine is a must to ensure a consistent cup of coffee.

Mistake 4: You’re not providing coffee-specific training for your staff

How to fix: Train your team frequently for the best customer experience.

Congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step to elevate your customer’s coffee experience. We are excited to help you!

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From coffee equipment, to menu design and dedicated Professional  Barista Trainings at your premises customized to your needs, we are here to set you up for success. 

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