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Zoom Foundation of Coffee
Zoom History of Coffee: A-Z Fundamentals

History of Coffee: A-Z Fundamentals

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The foundation of coffee ; A session that every barista must know.

In this module, we will discuss how it all started; From coffee being consumed randomly by a goat and a shepherd to being in the top 3 most consumed beverages around the world. We will discuss:

The birthplace of coffee & the myth that surrounds it.

  • Crop to crack and coffee regions
  • Analyze different coffee species
  • Harvesting and processing methods
  • Roasting levels
  • Coffee blends and single origins
  • Innovations and technology

1500 Harbor Boulevard, Weehawken, NJ, USA

+1 (646) 461-2116

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Zoom Barista Foundation Class
Zoom Barista Foundation Class

Barista Foundation

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Introduction to the art of espresso craft.

In this module, you will be equipped with the fundamental knowledge necessary to operate a coffee station successfully. We will discuss and work around:
  • Espresso; What is is and recipes
  • Grinding, dosing, distributing and tamping
  • Milk basics; How to steam and pour
  • Preparing key espresso beverages: espresso, cappuccino, latte, American, flat white
  • Espresso machine operation and maintenance.

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Zoom Brew Foundation Class
Zoom Brew Foundation Class

Brew Foundation; Drip at its Finest

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In this module, you will learn the variables that affect the quality of drip coffee and learn how to master the craft of brewing. We will discuss and work around:

Freshness of the coffee & different roasting levels.
  • Coffee to water ratio and palette orientation
  • Water quality and water temperature
  • Grind size and how it affects our brewing extraction
  • Operation and maintenance of our drip coffee equipment.

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Zoom The F&B Coffee Experience
Zoom The F&B Coffee Experience

The F&B Coffee Experience

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This module focuses on the skills that are needed to create a unique and memorable customer experience. You want to make sure that your clients are leaving your premises with a pleasant aftertaste and ensure that you are maximizing their satisfaction, which will ensure their retention. We will discuss and elaborate around:

  • Dress code and attire
  • Product presentation and serving skills
  • Bar station cleanliness
  • Communication skills: break down the barrier between barista and client
  • Cross sale coffee techniques

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